Non Fiction - Mike Stud lyrics


I got big dreams

In a small city

Got a thick team

Yeah, they all with me

Pour the bottles out

Bring the models out

Lookin’ like I’m winnin’

This is what I’m talkin’ ‘bout

I’m on a champagne diet

Keep the drinks rollin’ in

I’m tryin’ to hit rehab

And fuck an Olsen twin

Every single door I see

They are openin’

If they don’t, knock ‘em down bitch

Bowlin’ pin

Mother fucker you should come and take a listen

When I’m spittin’ I be rippin’ every single thing I’m givin’

I’m from the beginnin’

Fuck losin’ I’m winnin’

Sittin’ with women sippin’ liquor til the ceiling spinnin’

Yeah, I’m a man on a mission

This is how I’m livin’

Fuck whoever sayin’ different

These dude’s mad I got groupies and shit

Buying food then I hit

Shit, I’m rude as it gets

Yeah it’s cool, I’ll let you be the trick

And then I’ll throw the deuce quick, ‘cause I’m truly the shit

Rookie mix tape, soundin’ like a veteran

Center of attention, like the letter “n”


We hit the club, make a jump like a heartbeat

Got dudes bitin’ my style, like it’s shark week

Never home alone, leave that to Macaulay C.

Catch me at the club, fist pumpin’

I’m Pauly D.

Sippin’ cups, finish ‘em

Waitress come and fill ‘em up

In the club, takin’ bigger shots than Mr. Billups does

Yeah, got Hennessey in my bladder

My energy and my swagger

The same degrees as Nevada

And they mad cause they girl up in my passenger

Then I showed her why you the X, like algebra

I’m a tutor, you’re the past not the future

And then she give me crazy head, call that bitch Medusa

Ya’ll can’t see me, lasik

Claya Stevie(?), I’m tasteless

I’m runnin’ all over this beat

I need me some asics

Let’s face it

Man my verses they be poppin’

Orville Redenbachin’

Failure’s not an option


Stuff for house


Coffee Maker

Glasses - Mom

Coffee Mug

Bigger Garbage

White t-shirts







Microwave - Mom



Today’s is a good one.


Today’s is a good one.

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6 Crying Boehner GIFs